Next Generation: Coffee Table Books / Designer Photo Albums

...there's nothing quite like seeing your photos in a professionally produced, hard bound coffee table book, designed by your own photographer.

Be the envy of your friends and family by showcasing your most precious memories in a professionally bound coffee table book, that not only holds those special moments, but can become inspiration for generations to come…. The storybook albums are designed and printed as full page spreads. The albums are known for their beauty and elegance as well as their quality and durability. Printed on Ilford pearl photographic paper, mounted onto thick pages and individually handcrafted, each album is a timeless piece of art that you will cherish forever. Thick pages provide sturdy protection for your beautiful prints. No unsightly glue peeking out from corners; the books are bound and built with a dry system.

Coffee Table Book covers:
You can decide if you want a "Genuine Leather" cover for your album OR a "Printed/Personalised" cover

All albums come with its own box to keep it safe and clean.

Samples of Wedding Albums / Coffee table book's inside pages:

Traditional HENZO Wedding Albums

I offer the black HENZO leather albums for those who are not keen on the coffee table books - or even those who want to order both! All my albums have black leather covers, as well as black pages inside with transparent sleevs for protection of the photos. I can supply the albums to you with or without me adding the photographs inside. However - I prefer adding the images... best to give you a complete wedding album, ready to show your friends and family!

Usually I can fit about 80 - 120 "5x7" photos in this album with mainly one photos on a page (the way I like it) and every now and then 2 on a page - depending on the amount of photos you want added.


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Read more about my COFFEE TABLE books, or Designer Albums as some people call it ;-)


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